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My interest in family history started in 1993. Knowing that I had forebears from Devon/Cornwall and that these two counties were on our itinerary, my husband suggested that looking for traces of my ancestors would add interest to our trip. One stipulation was that any research was to be done before we left Sydney, because our purpose was to enjoy the scenery and the antiquities of England.

Contact was made with one of Gilbert’s Australian descendants, Everil Taylor, who in the late 1970s and again in 1981 had also gone in search of her roots in Devon/Cornwall. After arriving in England we met two English descendants of Gilbert’s sister Louisa with an interest in genealogical research, Margaret Cullingworth and Loveday Coombes. With information from these earlier researchers we were able to find a number of residences and churches of family significance.

At this stage, the main purpose of these pages is to make available the photographs taken on this and a subsequent visit to England. Use has been made of the Internet to provide background information. My limited knowledge of English history and antiquities means that in-depth research on these sites of family significance is better left to others with easier access to English records.

Our thanks to the occupants who responded so kindly to unannounced visitors, from “Down Under?and who were complete strangers.

If you can supply further photographs of family significance or have found a relevant web site please contact me.

You may link to this page, but if you wish to publish any of the information presented please contact me. For most names listed on these pages, I can provide further information.
?Jocelyn E Lloyd 2008.

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