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The majority of residents were also part of the workforce. Once the assignment system ended the workforce was drawn largely from immigrants. Over the years various schemes were implemented to encourage agricultural workers from England, Ireland and Scotland to make the long sea voyage to the Colony. Other groups were the Calais Lace Makers and the German vine dressers and wine makers. Many of these immigrants arrived as family groups with young children. Generally, their wives and their elder children were also given employment.

From the 1830s onwards an effort was made to correct the imbalance of the sexes within the Colony by bringing out young single women, suitable for employment as domestic and agricultural workers. More importantly, they became the future wives and mothers in the expanding Colony.

The compiling of names for the workforce is very much an ongoing project. Many records are not easily accessed and some are not in the public domain.

To date, the resources used have included;

Names may be listed under more than one estate, probably because their place of employment changed.

Lists of Names by Estate (click estate name )

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