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Edward extended his land holdings beyond Patersonís Plains to Newcastle, Wangi Wangi and the Bathurst district. . He also ran stock beyond the limits of location.

Little is known about his town allotment in Newcastle, which he applied for in 1823 to further his business interests. In 1847 it was advertised for sale.

In 1829 Governor Darling promised Edward an additional grant of 560 acres in the County of Northumberland. The following year Edward was given possession of land on the western shore of Lake Macquarie, which he called Wangi Wangi.

In recent times, Wangi Wangi has become better known as the home of the artist William Dobell

Deeds for another grant of 2,000 acres in the County of Westmoreland and Parish of Bolton, were finalized in 1838. The property with a frontage to the Fish River was about 25 km south west of present day Bathurst. At this stage, nothing is known about who lived on this property. In 1869 title passed to Susan Joseph of Cheltenham, England.

In 1836, he sold a flock of sheep and the right to a station called Salisbury Waters, in the New England district. Consequently this station was sub-divided into Salsibury Plains and Terrible Vale. How this place was managed is difficult to determine because his occupancy predated official records.

His second pastoral venture was in 1849 when he purchased the right to Goodar, a station of 32,000 acres on the Jones

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Johnís connection with Patersonís Plains was only brief. For two years after arrival in the Colony his usual address was Gostwyck.

In November 1835 he purchased from the Crown 870 acres of land with a frontage to the Pageís River in the Upper Hunter Valley. This was the genesis of the well known Bickham Estate near Blandford. After his death in 1839, his widow Elizabeth immediately leased this land. She also added to the estate by purchasing another two blocks from the Crown bringing the total area to 2,440 acres. Bickham was leased until 1856 when Phillip Wentworth Wright purchased the whole estate.

John also depastured stock beyond the limits of location after 1836 when licences were required. Records show that he was running stock on a station called Dureel Plains, in the district of Beardyís Plains, now known as Glen Innes. After his death, Elizabeth did not renew the licence, and Dureel Plains disappeared from the records.

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I do not have sufficient information to identify Goodar, Salisbury Waters or Dureel on Google Maps

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