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australian ancestors of david sanderson lloyd 
and ellinor muriel lloyd (nee bowling)
compiled by thomas david lloyd
last updated: 8 february 2011
watson ancestors
charlotte emily watson daughter of  henry watson and  charlotte eliza float
born inchistester, sussex, england, 4 january 1837
arrived australia in ??/span>catherine stewart forbes??21 march 1839
married john sanderson lloyd in christ church, north adelaide, south australia 30 december 1856
died in north adelaide, south australia 8 january 1905
alice mary lloyd, born 7 march 1859, died 6 june 1900
henry sanderson lloyd, born 1 july 1861, died 2 october 1913
edward ivan lloyd, born 29 april 1863, died 9 june 19254
emily mabel lloyd, born 25 april 1865
howard watson lloyd, born 3 march 1868, died 1955
mary rigge lloyd, born 3 march 1868, died 13 march 1870
gerald sylvanus fox lloyd, born 11 february 1871
henry watson son of william watson and martha waterhouse
born in england, 26 june 1802
arrived in australia in ??/span>catherine stewart forbes??21 march 1839
married charlotte eliza float in england, 5 april 1836
died north adelaide, south australia, 16 july 1894
charlotte emily watson born born 4 january 1837, died 8 january 1905
louise watson born 22 april 1838, died 23 april 1839
fanny rogers watson born 15 december 1839, died 4 april 1840
william woodman watson born 2 february 1841, died 15 april 1849
henry edward watson born 9 january 1842, died 7 april 1848
josephine float watson born 28 may 1843
eliza maria watson born 21 may 1845
george gray watson born 7 january 1847, died 10 november 1887
hentietta watson born 8 april 1848, died 29 january 1923
albert watson born 8 october 1849
edith watson born 3 june 1853
william watson son of joshua watson and rachel grainger
born in england 1773
arrived in australia in ??/span>catherine stewart forbes??21 march 1839
married  martha waterhouse in england 1800
died 9 november 1858
henry watson born 26 june 1802, died 16 july 1894
bridget watson born 1806, died 1884
lloyd bowling
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