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australian ancestors of david sanderson lloyd 
and ellinor muriel lloyd (nee bowling)
compiled by thomas david lloyd
last updated: 8 february 2011
smith ancestors
florence mary bowling, born 15 may 1904
ellinor muriel bowling, born 21 september 1909, died 7 july 1994
florence mary bowling, born 15 may 1904
ellinor muriel bowling, born 21 september 1909, died 7 july 1994
died 8 october 1900
william burton smith son of  william kempton smith and mary ann d�arcy
born at mingay, tumut, new south wales, december 1848
married mary vyner,24 march 1874, died22 october 1883
married elizabeth fredericka vyner in tumut, new south wales 6 may 1885
married violet johnston in adelaide, south australia, may 1912
died sydney, new south wales, 8 april 1915
laura ellinor smith, born 16 january 1875, died 22 october 1929
henry burton smith, born 16 june 1876
muriel smith born 14 may 1878, died 2 may 1952
constance may smith born 23 november 1881, died 8 march 1972
william burton smith, born december 1848, died 8 april 1915
charles henry smith, born 21 february 1850, died 6 september 1917
elizabeth mary smith, born 1853
evelina henrietta smith born 14 november 1855, died 1922
george augustus smith born 1858, died c 1862
frederick arthur smith born 21 october 1859, died 26 january 1939
clara amelia smith born 7 june 1862, died 5 september 1881
frances tarrant smith born 5 july 1866, died 24 november 1948
edmond d�arcy smith born 1868
laura e smith born 1869, died 1875
florence helena smith born 16 april 1871, died 19 may 1940
lloyd bowling
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